About PowerHouse SMART®

PowerHouse SMART® is the only networking & education community for leaders in all areas of luxury design-build: luxury home construction, premium commercial development, and blue-chip real estate. Members are carefully chosen and invited by industry veteran Wendy Cohen as well as referred by members and trusted colleagues. Our community consists of top-tier professionals in construction, architecture, design and various specialty, financial, and real estate services.  Our growth is facilitated by an Advisory Board comprised of top luxury design build professionals.

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Jill Buckner, Jill Buckner Photo “Cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of PowerHouse SMART®.  Just want you to know how much I appreciate the time and thought and hard work you put into your business.  I’ve been involved with various groups over the years…The creme of the crop, All over the US.  Nothing compares to this.  The relationships I’m building (even at this early time) are significant, warm and such high quality. I so appreciate the thought you put into your introductions.  I talk about you behind your backs all the time…Thought I’d share my feelings with you.”

Darrell Katz, Impact training Solutions “Not only did this morning’s symposium have all the usual outstanding elements (comfortable environment, superb organization and top notch networking), your social networking presentation was especially on target, timely, informative, interesting and incredibly relevant to today’s business climate.” 

Jarmila Singer, Sound Living “The teleconference last Friday was great. I learned a lot, took copious notes, and generally felt relieved to know that I’m in the same place as others in this regard.  Thank you kindly for inviting me. I always grab a nugget of something useful at PowerHouse.”

Kristin Taghon, Kristin Taghon Interior Designs “Thanks so much for the wonderful event last night!  I thought it was very informative, well-organized and fun!  Perfect.  I arrived home and opened our gift bag and really love my mug and corksicle.  I really appreciate all you do and really am amazed by all the friendly and truly helpful people involved in PowerHouse SMART®.”


First and foremost, you’ll enjoy a prominent position in an exclusive list — industry professionals whom we consider “Best of the Best” — in our Member Directory.  In addition, you will be able to post a Company Profile in our Company Directory which can be freely viewed by everyone: members, potential members, referral sources, and potential clients.


  • Gain exposure in an exclusive, members-only organization;
  • Have confidence by learning from experience industry colleagues and experts;
  • Post or search for a job opening in the Job Board;
  • Find professional, vetted business and talent resources in Resource PROs;
  • Get member-only discounts with Resource PROs — and indispensable knowledge on industry news and trends;
  • Advertise your own events — gain exposure and increase attendees in Post Your Event ;
  • Tap into invaluable education opportunities and Consulting from Wendy Cohen, national speaker and proven industry expert in addition to other selected presenters;
  1. Attend live PHS Symposiums or watch videos and/or view presentations posted on our website after events under the Resources tab.
  2. Register for our PHS Events online.
  3. Track respected thought leaders in PHS Industry Interviews.
  4. Get quality face time and make PowerConnections™ when we select you — plus 6-8 other hand-picked guests you’ll want to meet — in exclusive roundtable breakfast, lunch or dinner events.


By Invitation Only

Not everyone can join PowerHouse SMART®. Members are carefully chosen and invited by industry veteran Wendy Cohen and/or referred by current members and trusted colleagues. Our community consists of top-tier professionals in construction, architecture, design, and various specialty, financial, and real estate services. We’re choosy so you won’t waste your time.


Members commit to an annual recurring membership with an annual fee of $439. Members also have the choice to sign up for a monthly recurring membership.


PowerHouse SMART® offers many features for connecting with new contacts, staying in touch, and receiving alerts.

As a member, you’ll be able to edit and update a short personal profile, a business profile with your email and website link, and an email area. Only paid, logged-in members can link to email.

Get e-Invited! PowerHouse SMART® posts symposiums on the Events tab as well as sends members a monthly e-news with a direct link to log-in and RSVP.

Invite other members to your events and appear on our Events Page: members can use our foolproof Event Template to send e-invites and RSVP requests to other members from the PowerHouse SMART® website.

Receive discounts on services from Resource PROs. Our listing of recommended professionals includes special email links that verify membership and support discount-management by Resource PROs for their first project.

Let us know what you think! PowerHouse SMART® periodically surveys our membership about topical issues to “take the temperature” of the entire luxury design-build community.


The PowerHouse SMART® website features an ever-expanding Library of invaluable industry expertise and content — videos, PowerPoint Presentations, audio teleconferences and informative links. If you missed it the first time, you may still be able to find the unique knowledge and perspectives of our membership in our archives.

Have a question or a special topic you want to discuss? Sign up for one-on-one consulting with Wendy. Choose a phone meeting, live video consulting or in-person and onsite appointments.


Of course not. Our site also features:

The SMART® PowerBlog , a timely update of industry news and perspectives (and a platform for qualified members to contribute their knowledge and gain exposure in the community);

An advanced Search tool to get you exactly what you want to know — no more, no less;

Opportunities to tap into the social media feeds for our PowerBlog;

Plenty of Share tools on every page, so you can spread the word to a single friend, your inner circle, or your 10,000 followers; and Invite a friend to events you’ll be attending.