Back By Popular Demand 2018 Hard-Hat Tours

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They’re back… 2018 PHS Builder/Architect Hard-Hat Tours!
We kicked off the 2018 Hard-Hat Tours in Milwaukee area with a stunning project by Emily Winters.

Emily WintersPeabody’s Interiors | Emily Winters

Yesterday was a memorable day, starting with the fabulous residential project tour, affectionately named the “Golden Girl’s House” by Emily Winters and ending at a heartfelt Happy Hour at The Bay restaurant in Whitefish Bay, WI where many relationships were formed in a truly happy environment!

A huge thank you to Emily and her design assistant Margaret Schweitz for making the tour arrangements for + 30 PHS Members and guests to experience the before and after transformation of your client’s beautiful “library” home. The added bonus was having the client homeowner, Jennie Stoltz, present and hearing her perspective of the design experience. She absolutely adores Emily and Marge and couldn’t be more thrilled with her home’s interior design make-over.

Thanks to our two expert Realtors®, Margaret Canfield,, and Jim Treis,, we so appreciated their local real estate market reports for sales activity in Lake Geneva and Milwaukee areas, respectively. Despite the extreme short supply, both markets are experiencing brisk sales of luxury lakefront properties, often being bought by new owners to tear-down the existing homes to design and build new custom residential estate homes.

As discussed in our group roundtable, our united focus on the PHS Year of the Realtor®. This 2018 direction is very well-received, with many attendees committed to building new mutually beneficial Realtor® relationships, where all can grow together.

The PHS Builder/Architect Hard-Hat Tours were such a tremendous success in 2017 that we are lining up another year of awesome PHS Member project tour. Homes will be in all stages of construction to completion. After our Hard-Hat Tours we continue to either a PHS Symposium or Meet-Up for Happy Hour at a local hotspot. PHS Symposiums, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, are hosted at PHS Members’ showrooms or projects, and offer luxury design, build, real estate industry education, with cocktail hour networking. Join us each month as we learn, explore and grow from our talented members, educators and collaborators! To learn more about access to PHS Membership please visit:

Click image to see the list of 2018 PHS Builder/Architect Hard-Hat Tours

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What to expect at a PHS Builder/Architect Hart-Hat Tour:
• Projects any stage of construction or 1 year newly completed.
• Project tour is approximately 1 hour (we may have multiple projects to tour).
• RSVP’d Members/guests, meet outside the project with PHS at the set time.
• PHS facilitates introductions & coordination (we allow 10 minutes for parking).
• No food/drink is needed, we’re as unobtrusive as possible, booties optional.

Builder, Architect and/or Team Leads the Discussion:
1. Present the Project Scope
2. Project Lessons Learned/Resolutions
3. How You Work, Your firm & Collaborators w/Q/A
4. Conduct a 15- 20-minute guided project tour (project dependent)
5. Wrap, departure to next project or last-stop Happy Hour/PHS Symposium
Members/Guests are industry professionals.

Click here to submit your project for a future Hard-Hat Tour.

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