Colette Rodon Hornof shares kitchen design thoughts in SG Home Builders Podcast

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Ryan Siebert

PHS Member Ryan Siebert (SG Home Builders) connects with clients, potential clients, and others in the industry via frequent blogs and podcasts. He and his partner, Pat Cardoni, offer educational insights into all things related to residential building and remodeling. From best practices and costs, to how to select professionals in the design, build and real estate industry and what their roles entail, to personal development insights, Ryan and Pat provide invaluable information to both the consumer and pro alike.

One of their recent Podcasts, titled Tips From a Kitchen Designer, featured an interview by Pat of PHS member and award winning designer Colette Rodon Hornof (Vesta Hearth and Home).



Listen in as Colette shares her approach to the kitchen design process and what she has learned in her 26 years in the business. And, find time to visit her spectacular new showroom, just minutes from downtown Chicago. Prepare to be impressed!


Ryan, who also participated in a PHS Hard-Hat Tour this year, tells us “we frequently get clients that tell us they have read, watched or listened to our information before they picked up the phone and called”. To learn more about Ryan and SG Home Builders, visit

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