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Design Construction Concepts

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Design Construction Concepts is a full-service design/build firm that specializes in providing its clients complete, professional services of the highest quality. Unlike most general contractors, we have an architectural background. Because we have an architectural background, our approach to construction is a little different. We are interested in the design and preserving that concept during the construction. As a result, we are able to help in expediting issues that arise during the construction process that can cause time delays and extra costs. In addition, we take the time and make the effort to guide our clients through the difficult process of construction. To successfully guide a client through this process, it is imperative to assemble the right team. If the correct team is in place, the outcome of the project will be enjoyable and successful.

By combining the skills and experiences of the members of the firm, Design Construction Concepts is able to offer its clients “start-to-finish” services that help ensure the success of their project. All members of the firm are involved in the development of all programming and design concepts and work closely with each and every client to help ensure that the design solutions that are developed meet not only the clients physical needs, but their economic criteria, as well.

Inherent in every project is the need to develop a clear understanding of, and appreciation for, the client’s needs and tastes. In turn, these must be successfully integrated with a project design that acknowledges and accommodates such important factors as the economics of the project, the scale of its environment, the functional requirements of the building, and the time frame required for the implementation of the project. Design Construction Concepts has an established ability to meet a multitude of challenges and resolve them with excellence and style.

The range of commissions that Design Construction Concepts has handled is diverse, from office structures, hotels and shopping centers to single and multi-family housing developments to industrial structures, commercial/tenant design, and office space planning.

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Andrew Poticha
Serving Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.
Design Construction Concepts