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John Michon Design

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DESIGN: Throughout my design career, I always approach a new project by looking into the bones of the home as if I worked with the original architect from the beginning. It’s also important to work with clients to help define their needs, prioritize their wants, establish what is required for their home to function properly, and accommodate their life styles. When architectural changes are needed, I bring in my architect and we begin working on floor plans and elevations to work out all the details to ensure that the technical and creative aspects of the project have been resolved. This serves as the foundation for both residential and commercial design. Once the architectural plans have been completed, it’s all about the interiors. My projects are custom and I believe one day at a time is the key to designing timeless elegance — materials, finishes and furnishing selections evolve and become visually harmonious and functional. It’s important that my clients understand the process and be involved from start to completion. It is a rewarding experience and great feeling to see my clients enjoy their spaces throughout the years.

STAGING/STYLING: Styling is an extremely important element for both residential and commercial projects — it brings warmth to a space, adds the finishing touches, and makes the project exquisite. Artifacts, accessories, and art must be in keeping with the architecture and design of the space. Selections require expertise in this area to ensure the appropriate aesthetic, correct scale, and perfectly a perfectly composed finished product. In addition to the decorative aspects of styling, commercial environments and public spaces require clearly defined budgets, timelines, scheduling and conformity to code requirements. My training in commercial styling and space planning started under the tutelage of the very best, Judith Niedermaier.

EVENT PLANNING: Planning events, no matter how large or small, requires total dedication, organization and emphasis on every detail. My design team for major events are in sync with one another, ensuring that individual responsibilities and preparations are understood and effective communication amongst team members is ongoing. Synchronized choreography is crucial the day of the event to ensure proper flow and timing while making the process look effortless. Accomplishments include the wedding for a State Official in the new wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum, Palm Beach wedding at the Brazilian Court, Chicago weddings at the Three Arts Club and Casino Club, and Designs for Dignity 2013 Spirit Awards.


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