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McCann; Janet McCann Associates Inc.

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Design Philosophy Designing beautiful interiors that create, define and express the people who live there is the work that continues to inspire us. For over 30 years, we have been singularly focused on developing a design collective whose purpose is to exceed our client’s dreams. Each project begins with a thorough evaluation of the client’s lifestyle, to determine the required and the desired, likes and dislikes. A brainstorming session with our talented and energetic team follows, producing a vibrant kickoff that insures fresh and original ideas. Interior design is our passion and the results can be seen in our portfolio. We take pride in creating unique and distinctive home designs for our clients to share with their friends and families. A passion for grace and beauty is apparent in all our interior design. Our work is characterized as “understated elegance”, evidenced by comfortable furniture layouts, colorful, yet serene palettes, and respect for the architectural character of your home. Each interior is designed with the client’s lifestyle, personality, and values in mind, creating a finished product that is a distinct expression of the owner.


Midwest Illinois/Wisconsin
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Janet McCann
  • McCann; Janet McCann Associates Inc.
McCann; Janet McCann Associates Inc.