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Parallax Design

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Founder & Creative Director

That unique daily childhood exposure later inspired me to focus on architecture and ruin during my graduate studies toward a PhD in Philosophy/Cultural Studies at the University of Chicago.

Simultaneous to my time at U of C, I bought a former industrial space in the city and worked on making it my own. I loved the history of the building, and thoroughly enjoyed determining ways to highlight the inherently interesting aspects of the space while remodeling it into a home. Over the coming years, I bought a few more condos, redesigned and sold those, and relished the process and learning curve each time.

I then acquired an old factory in Lincoln Park that had been converted to a single-family home, and did a full gut-remodel, rearranging walls to suit the programmatic needs of my growing family. That experience in particular made me realize how much I loved the hands-on aspect of design and build. So after remodeling several more spaces, I finally decided–along with the encouragement of friends, family and trades people–this was the work I wanted to do as a profession.

Ironically, it is my very background in academia that makes me uniquely competent when it comes to finding materials, art, unusual furniture, as well as the best contractors, architects and installers.  Because of my skills in research and critical thinking—gained within the particularly rigorous confines of philosophy–I have learned to leverage that expertise as it relates to sources, contractors and builders.

I think what sets me apart is a personal aesthetic drive that pushes me to design spaces with and for clients that reflect who they are as people.  I don’t just design pretty spaces. I design spaces that fundamentally reflect who my clients are, and also take fully into account how they need their space to perform in accordance with their lifestyle.

Personally speaking, design is intuitive, and the creative process unfolds in this manner for me.  I make sure to educate myself constantly about best practices within the design/build industry, but I don’t approach designing a space from a limited point of view.

Most importantly, I hold a deep respect for the personal voice and story of my clients. And I work closely with them to create spaces that bring their unique voice to life.

Midwest Illinois/Wisconsin
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Allison Schatz
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Chicago, Nationwide
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Parallax Design