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DME Elevators & Lifts (Chris Powell)

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Combining Experience, Superior Lifts and Advanced Design

Founded in 1977, DME Elevators & Lifts offers, installs and services residential elevators, commercial LULA elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and stairlifts. For 35 years we’ve served Northern and Central Illinois, Southeast Wisconsin and Central, Southern and Northern Indiana. We operate three facilities located in Lisle, IL, Kenosha, WI and Indianapolis, IN where you’ll find experienced advisors, project managers and technicians.

We believe excellence is what our customers need and deserve. We achieve excellence in elevation through our strong team, our rigorously selected products and advanced design capabilities.
Complete Team: We back each project with a full complement of experienced in-house elevator and lift advisors, project coordinators and technicians to support our customers from start to finish. All work is completed by our team as we do not hire contract labor nor use sub-contractors

Superior Lifts: We rigorously select lifts amongst multiple manufacturers and, unlike factory direct dealers or those tied to a single manufacturer, we have multiple lifts available for each application, each lift selected for superior functionality, design, reliability and value.

Advanced Design: Whether customizing an elevator for the home or adapting a lift for unique building requirements, DME embraces the most challenging installation and are prepared to work with all stakeholders.
DME operates Design Centers in our Lisle, Indianapolis and Kenosha offices featuring residential elevators and stairlifts. The Design Centers allow you to experience first-hand the finishes and fixtures available in our residential elevators, while also featuring a range of stairlifts to familiarize you with the various options.

Whether you’re considering a residential elevator, commercial LULA elevator, wheelchair lift or stairlift, experience Excellence in Elevation with DME Elevators & Lifts. Come visit one of our Design Centers to discover the possibilities.

Midwest Illinois/Wisconsin
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Chris Powell
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  • DME Elevators & Lifts (Chris Powell)
DME Elevators & Lifts (Chris Powell)

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