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Mauge, Inc

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Mauge is an established creative marketing and advertising agency specializing in unique solutions to help our clients reach their marketing goals. We provide well-planned approaches to effective, inventive advertising and develop marketing campaigns with a broad appeal. Recognizing that identity and branding are the keys to success, we have the skill and experience to place our broad range of clients in competitive market positions.

An expertise in high-end product and service communications drives our process and directs our team of experienced agency professionals, artists, designers, writers and IT experts. We blend experience with innovation to bridge the divides and develop intelligent, sharp-witted, polished campaigns.

A nimble agency of boutique size, we have the flexibility to work large jobs quickly and efficiently. Our diverse capabilities in the media arena including exceptional print, web, interactive, environment, film, video and broadcast experience.

LISTEN & EXPLORE — Meet our Account Management team – the listeners and askers. How do you envision your position within the marketplace? What are your customers thinking? Where would you like your company to be five years from now? What makes you passionate about your product or service? We need to know.

CREATE & APPLY — Guided by the insights and strategy already developed we embark on the creation of your project. It’s here where our Creative Team begins brainstorming, jotting down and sketching out concepts. Coming up with ideas to best communicate your identity, brand and message.

DELIVER & REFLECT — The result of our process is consistently work delivered to you on time and on budget, with excellence and integrity. Anything less and we are not at the top of our game.

Midwest Illinois/Wisconsin
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  • Mauge, Inc
Mauge, Inc


1629 N. Milwaukee Avenue
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