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Spring 2018 PowerConnections™

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Member reviews have been fabulous for PowerHouse SMART® PowerConnections™!  Some of our hard working Advisory Board have elected to foster our PowerHouse SMART® membership connections by facilitating a PowerConnection™ hand selected by Wendy Cohen, Founder.

2014 03 - 05 PowerConnections (74)

IMG_40922014 03 - 05 PowerConnections (60)2014 03 - 05 PowerConnections (68)

PowerConnections™ Details:

Your PowerConnection™ Group will be selected to represent diverse expertise with the intent of power networking.  Details will follow once the groups have been selected.  Each participant will have “showcase time” to provide the others with an in depth perspective of their talent with the intent to have others provide them with the “perfect referral”.  Business card “trading” is encouraged.  Given these are intimate smaller groups we ask that all members be sensitive to timeliness and responsiveness.  Please do your very best not to cancel as it affects the entire group’s synergy.  If your PowerConnection™ is held at a restaurant, we will request separate checks, however, if one check is presented by your server, the bill including tip will be divided equally among member guests.    PowerHouse SMART® members can now offer to host a PowerConnection™ at their studio or showroom.  If your PowerConnection™ is held at a member’s showroom and they are not able to provide food, then prepay food orders will be coordinated prior; please bring cash or a check to the PowerConnection™.

We will do our best to honor member requests.

Spring 2018 session is now open for registration, click here.

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