PowerHouse SMART® Advisory Board Ambassadors:

Taking our luxury design build real estate community to the next level.  Our Advisory Board is a tremendous ally in our quest to always provide more value to the community as well as a high-caliber learning experience for those in our membership with their forward thinking.  They are always a valuable source of information to those professionals considering a PowerHouse SMART® membership.


“PowerHouse SMART® provides me access to a vast array of relevant educational resources, fresh insights, cost effective tactics and professional relationships which help improve my marketing communications to the luxury marketplace and beyond. PowerHouse SMART® is an essential full-scale networking and business resource for my company.”

Catherine Schager

“From my very first meeting at PowerHouse SMART®, I realized what an incredible group I’d found. Not only have I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing professionals in our industry, but I’ve also built great relationships, received invaluable business advice, and have had a lot of fun. No matter the need or question, I know there’s a PowerHouse SMART® member who can help me or my clients and I’m proud to be a part of this great, growing organization. Kudos to Wendy for planting the seeds, nurturing it with great care and growing the group beyond Illinois. I look forward to the future of PowerHouse SMART®! “

Jarmila Singer

“Anyone working in high-end residential design-build knows it’s the trusting partnerships you build over time that grows your business. Growth not just in your pipeline of business, but also the mutual learning and sharing of ideas with those partners. PowerHouse SMART® is a conduit for the design-build community in that it provides an opportunity for like-minded people to come together and build partnerships. We come together to learn. We come together to network. We come together to provide support. And sometime we come together just to celebrate and drink some wine. Kudos to Wendy Cohen for building something really special!”


“PowerHouse SMART® has been incredibly rewarding because of the open networking and pertinent education that takes place between members within the luxury design build and real estate industries. At the varied events held throughout the Chicagoland area, valuable connections are made and shared. If your time is limited, then PowerHouse SMART should be your first choice! I look forward to each of the diverse events, especially Speed Networking, where we quickly learn about each of the talented members in a nonthreatening environment. Members are truly interested in helping one another, and I come away from every meeting inspired and glad I made the effort!”

Mark Benner, MEB Architects

“PowerHouse SMART is my resource for not only high quality professionals, but to people who truly understand the value of relationships. Having worked with Wendy since 1995, designing and building luxury homes throughout Chicago, Michigan, and Wisconsin, I know her experience and influence in this industry is unparalleled. PowerHouse SMART are those people.

These pros make connections effortless and natural. It gets even better when you participate by making introductions and referrals to others. The members of this group recognize top talent and know just how to engage to build a top notch design and build team. PowerHouse SMART is the perfect place to cross pollinate to help solve challenges and win projects. There are many professional support groups out there, but none are as solely focused on the luxury home market and none that innovate like PowerHouse SMART.”

Rebecca Pogonitz

“Becoming a member of PowerHouse Smart has transformed my life both personally and professionally. Meeting like minded individuals who are committed to bringing their best work to each client with integrity has been an amazing experience, and I now have a vast resource bank of professionals to bring to my projects. The educational opportunities are phenomenal, as I learn something new at each PowerHouse event, and feel inspired and energized each time. I’m excited to watch the growth of my business since joining PowerHouse Smart while collaborating with other members who have either referred me or I have referred to others. The concept of Team Collaboration is always fostered at PowerHouse Smart, and I continually experience the magic of it. Thank you to the passionate Wendy Cohen for introducing me to PowerHouse Smart, and for being the warm energy PowerHouse woman that she is, always inspiring us to connect and grow.”

Michael Norpell

“As an Interior and Landscape Designer, PowerHouse SMART has enabled me to grow by business thru the meaningful partnerships I developed with thru the open networking platform. My teams of collaborators I have developed of PowerHouse SMART members deliver top-notch services to my clients in all aspects of the luxury residential market.”

Joe Barrett

“PowerHouse SMART® is a home run! When it comes to networking / business development with the luxury trades dedicated to the design / build industry no other organization returns the investment in both time & money like Wendy’s organization!

I’m proud to be associated with such an engaging group where members are open to sharing best practices and experiences. From year to year I continue to learn valuable new lessons while enjoying the company of members I now call friends.

PowerHouse SMART® culture is classic … you get what you give … so jump in, get involved and watch your business development efforts thrive! ”


Darrell Katz

Impact Training Solutions
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“Being a member of PowerHouse SMART® has provided my business with a tremendous array of networking & learning opportunities. PowerHouse SMART® events and activities link members to resources and strategies that unlock significant business growth potential. PowerHouse SMART® is professionally managed and totally focused on supporting members with business educational and networking opportunities that are among the very best available anywhere. It is a very enriching experience to be part of this group.”


“I have known Wendy for 15+ years. When she asked me to join PowerHouse SMART® seven years ago, I didn’t think twice about getting involved. I knew what Wendy would bring to the equation, professionalism, education, and networking to name a few of her strengths. The result has helped my business in so many ways. PowerHouse SMART® has brought educational opportunities that I have attended as well as given. The networking opportunities have been boundless. I have met many people that I have been able to refer as well as received referrals from. What I enjoy the most are the events which allow members to network in a very casual and non-threatening atmosphere. If you are involved in the luxury residential or commercial world in any way, you NEED to be part of SMART®!”


“It has been a pleasure to work with Wendy Cohen over the past fifteen years. Her energy, enthusiasm, business acumen and total commitment to her clients is inspiring. Wendy is simply great to work with in every way ! I highly recommend Wendy as one of the most creative, results-driven marketing experts in the luxury design build industry and beyond.”


Pete Lemcke

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