The Nature of a Place – October 25, 2017 | Lake & Country

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PHS Member John Mariani, PLA, ASLA. Forward-thinking Landscape Architect awarded for his important work in providing fine landscapes while being respectful of the environment. Lifetime experience in landscape architectural design, construction, and management of residential, commercial, public and natural landscapes throughout the Midwest and beyond. John brought his own special skill sets to his family’s landscape business and helped in creating the largest privately-held residential landscape company in the country. Growing from modest beginnings in 1958 to the top 100 powerhouse company it is today. His desire to create a healthier and environmentally responsible landscape development  fostered the future of John’s new company LandServe LLC.

The Nature of a Place
October 25, 2017 • Lake & Country


“I have wild blackberries everywhere. You’ve got to taste one,” John Mariani says, pointing to a green leafy plant covered in tiny berries.

Wild blackberries are just one of the many perks of Mariani’s sixty acre, Kettle Moraine property in Burlington, Wisconsin. He and his wife bought the property in 2003, and since then, he has completely revitalized the native ecology of the land and completely restored fourteen of the sixty acres back to natural prairie, allowing hundreds of native species of plants to thrive once more. There are hickory trees and oak trees. There are ospreys, owls, woodpeckers and hummingbirds. There are butterflies, bobcats and wolves. This is no manicured backyard.

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